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Welcome to Gwealan Tops
Adventure Playground

We are dedicated to promoting play for children, young people and the wider community.

Adventure playgrounds offer a unique form of staffed play provision where children can play in ways that they often can’t elsewhere. They provide opportunities for children to face challenges and risks whilst supervised by skilled playworkers.

The site is a large area with some structures, wild areas and lots of space to roam, explore, experiment and create. Arts, crafts and imaginative opportunities are offered alongside campfires, building, sports and outdoor experiences with the main purpose of supporting free play. During term-time we will be open for unaccompanied children aged 7 and over after-school on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and Saturday afternoons, once a registration form has been completed, and on weekdays during school holidays.  If your child needs some support to attend the playground please ensure you speak to us to discuss their needs in advance of their attendance so suitable arrangements can be made. You can contact us at

Every child aged 7 and over that comes to the playground needs to have a registration form completed for them and must arrange a first visit via email to

The link to our new registration form is here.


See what is going on

There is always lots to get involved with. Here are a few things which you might be interested in.